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Conor McGregor's Diet and Meal Plan

Conor McGregor diet and meals

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We're proud to be the choice of UFC Featherweight Interim-Champ, and all round Irish sporting legend! The Notorious Conor McGregor since early 2014. Coach John Kavanagh and Conor's coaching team hand selected us as his solely dedicated meal planner in preparation for his fights. This is due to our ability to prepare and deliver carefully macro split and portioned meals, customised to his personal taste for his fight camps. It's essential that we deliver a plan that not only maximizes his energy output but also allows him to prepare for a more extreme weight cut five days out from the weigh-ins. 

Like Conor himself, we're young, ambitious and proud to be Irish. On top of this, we're honoured to play a small part in his #IRISHTAKEOVER in the UFC by supplying him with a customised, portion controlled and chef standard meal plan each week during his fight camp.

LATEST UPDATE: McGregor defeats Aldo to become the UFC Featherweight Champ!